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Artist. Xueying Wang

Everyone need personal space. A study of the psychologist said the physical personal space of adults is about 1m.
In my hometown, some old people ignore young people's need for personal space. And I went to Finland and other countries, local people pay high attention to their personal space. I want to research the reason for these and discuss the edge of personal space.


Signal lose

Artist. Xueying Wang

Just because we are living in a time, when large amount of information has been transmitting ceaselessly. Almost every minute, we have been transmitting and receiving new information. However, not all information can be transmitted completely and correctly. During the process of transmission, the loss of information seems to be unhappy thing. But perhaps, breaking away the existing experience, the information loss can also bring us richer and freer space. I will continue to do experiment and progress in this direction, transmit information within the longer or shorter extreme distance, or go on with the conception of abstract information. From many dimensions, like media and time, I will discuss the possibilities of information loss and the relationships with us today.