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Signal Lost


When I was a child, owing to optic neuritis , part vision of my left eye has lost. In the following more than a decade, I have been used to using one eye to look at the world. After I grow up, when I learn to drive and watch 3D movie, I have gradually felt the differences between others with me, so I began to know about the illness condition of my left eyes and the reason, which leads to my different vision disparity from others. The truth is my left eyes are healthy, and my brain has no problems, but the optic nerve, which connects my eyeball of the left eye and the brain, has been destroyed, which makes the optical signal my left eye can receive can only be partly transmitted to my brain, so the vision loss appears. I feel that the part loss of information during the information transfer makes me depressed, but very charming. I have begun my research from here.


Initially, owing to the fact that my left eye always loses part vision, only the right eyelets me lose stereoscopic vision function (observing scenery with two eyes can tell the feeling of the far and near form). I decide to respectively create two video series to represent different situations my two eyes can see.
I shoot various objects and combine them into the ‘group images of image’, which lacks perspective relation, so as to depict that I lack a right eye, which has the stereoscopic sense and sense of distance.



On the other hand, because my left eye can only depict a very abstract vision description, I do not want to make up a feeling, which is to let viewers experience. I decide to use a more realistic scene to discuss the status of using the vision of my left eye to ‘observe’, ‘experience’ and ‘feel’.

Signal Lost: Projects

Introduce my day on Dec. 23, 2017 to Mr. Dustbin

Introduce my day on Dec. 23, 2017 to Mr. Dustbin
Introduce my day on Dec. 23, 2017 to Mr. Dustbin
Introduce my day on Dec. 23, 2017 to Mr. Dustbin
Signal Lost: Gallery

I have transferred my attention to the core problem, which makes my visual different from others, -- the information loss during the transmission. The transmission can be the physical status, which can be long or short, from the table to the outer space, and can also be between the two computers or during a period. In the short video, I have chosen a picture, which has been taken by me, on my social media on Dec. 23, 2017. I have shown the audience the ‘process of signal transmission’ I have designed and implemented through the way of action. Finally, I have recombined all the information Mr. Dustbin has received. I have also mounted it and displayed it together with the video process.

Signal Lost: Video
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